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How to Use iCloud Drive?

How to Use iCloud Drive

For the question of what is iCloud, you may think of iCloud as your external hard drive, but invisible. It is a rented digital drive where you can place your stuff and access them on demand, and of course, an internet connection is a must for it. 

Some people might be having difficulty grasping the concept of iCloud. If you think of it as an exact external drive, usually that confusion comes from the evergreen concept of copy-pasting and deleting things from an external drive to your local drive. With iCloud, we talk about something being on the cloud, but not locally, and use words like offloading, etc.  

Your iCloud would have much more storage than your device storage. It would have already figured out what you require most often and have downloaded only those things, leaving the rest in the cloud and on-demand. And this is called optimized storage which is a feature within iCloud. The cloud with an arrow sign is what represents your files being on the iCloud.  

Before learning how to use iCloud, you need to know how an iCloud drive work, and about the drive storage availability. iCloud is like any other cloud storage facility like OneDrive, or Dropbox. If you are a Mac user, you can easily add folders and files to the iCloud drive folder saving up much space from your device. The iCloud drive can be used to store files and folders on any Mac, iPhone, and iPad device. But this storage space only comes after buying them from the main Apple cloud storage. You can find your suiting plans to use iCloud with additional security and privacy features and more. 

As for saving files to iCloud Drive, while saving it, click on the where menu and choose one of the two iCloud library options. By moving files to iCloud Drive from Finder and vice-versa, you can save them by choosing File>Move to and the where to move. 

And for opening files that have been saved in iCloud, it will be launched with an open dialogue on apps on Mac. But for iOS and iPad, you have to open files when launching an app, as you don’t have any direct access to the file system. However, different apps have their own ways of accessing the files in iCloud. Here the help of the files app can also be taken to find files that you want to open and work on. 

iCloud Drive not only lets you save and open files in them, but it also allows users to share the files with others for easy access from their devices. For sharing a file from iCloud Drive, you need to right-click on the file in the drive and choose Share> Share Folder and the best sharing way from the options available. The shared file would be a link that the recipient can click on to access the file. 

So that’s a little about Apple’s essential connection of storage platform between all your devices; Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Even though iCloud Drive storage cost might be a little more expensive than other online cloud-based storage services, still its advantage of being able to work natively across all your devices makes it worth it for use.

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