How to Use the iPhone Calculator

How to Use the iPhone Calculator

iPhone apps have pretty interesting high-level usage and functionality options available. One such simple yet powerful app on iPhone is its Calculator app. For the use of the app, one must find the app on their iPhone. 

For finding where your calculator app is on your iPhone, you can try any of these three ways:

The calculator will come as a preloaded app on your iPhone home screen. By swiping through your home screen pages, you might find the calculator on any of the pages. 

In the control center, there is a dedicated icon for opening the calculator, which is next to the camera icon. This advantage lets you give your phone to anybody else to use the calculator without even unlocking your phone. 

Another way that you can opt is by calling out for Siri to open the calculator app. Also, you can manually search for the app in the search bar in the App list. 

Your Siri can also do most of the basic calculations like percentages without using the calculator app. 

A rather special feature of the iPhone calculator is that it acts as a standard calculator when used in portrait mode. But when you tilt your phone to use the calculator in landscape mode, it converts into a scientific calculator. You might want to undo the Portrait mode lock by dragging down the screen, to make the calculator app rotate to get a landscape mode, enabling screen rotation.

One little back down with the iPhone app is that you get what you want. You would not be able to even change the colors of the buttons, leaving not many options for the settings to play with for apps. However, third-party apps can be downloaded to change the cosmetic look of the iPhone calculator. But as for more advanced changes and for features like graphing, you might have to look for a new calculator app for your iPhone.

Even though we all are familiar with how handy the calculator app is, there are some features that you have never been told about on the iPhone calculator app:

By swiping left or right at the top, the calculator app itself will delete the offending digit that you have entered. However, one thing to note is that you can only delete any digits and not be able to restore them. Even if you swipe left again trying to restore it, it will only delete another digit. 

While changing or switching your calculator between standard and scientific ones, you don’t have to worry about losing your results as they would be saved. 

Pressing on the numbers for more than one second will let you copy the result to your iPhone’s clipboard to paste it anywhere. 

Also, during any group meetings, you can screen mirror your iPhone calculator app to do some quick math in real-time. Well to know more about how to use the app, one can only learn it well by experiencing it oneself. So try using the Calculator app yourself and find and make use of all the features that the standard and scientific version of the calculator app gives you to choose from. 

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