How to Use Snapchat on PC

Before, there was no direct way to install Snapchat on your desktop or PC and run natively on your computer. Also, there was no web application like Whatsapp web, Instagram, or iMessage for working out Snapchat on a computer. But as for now, you can get Snapchat on PC by following any of the three ways given below.

Using Snapchat Official Website

By getting to the official website of Snapchat, you can use the app on Mac and Windows platforms. It allows you to switch anytime back and forth between your Snapchat mobile account and PC to have quick access to your snap stories. This new feature developed by Snap Inc allows users to easily access their Snap stories on their Windows and Mac devices without reaching out for their smartphones. Even though Snapchat’s website is currently at a developing stage, and you may find it a little hard to utilize or enjoy every feature of this multimedia messaging app, you can find much of all updates and what’s new on Snapchat on the PC website. Snapchat’s website allows users to send direct private messages to friends. Even Snapchat ads can grab the attention of a wider audience while working with your PC. A highly powerful aspect of Snapchat is its Augmented Reality feature. It creates unique lenses and filters for 2D and 3D features used by Snapchat users both on PC as well as on mobile devices.

By Screen Mirroring App

Just like how you can get any other apps or files screen mirrored into another screen, you can also screen share your Snapchat screen into your PC screen if it supports a screen mirroring feature or has any such supporting software downloaded on the PC. Through the screen mirroring technique, you can get Snapchat for your desktop. In a contrast, this method is considered the easiest one than using the official website or emulators to transfer or view your Snapchat account on your Windows device. iMyFone Mirror To mirroring app gives you a flawless and profound experience of enjoying mobile apps on broader screens like a PC. By using advanced technology, the app ensures user transfer of Snapchat stories on Windows, by still maintaining top-notch picture and video quality.

Emulators for using Snapchat on PC

Emulators can be a type of software that provides the users the ability to imitate other programs and applications in the digital world. Downloading Android emulators were the only way in which users could previously access Snapchat on their PCs. After downloading these emulators on your computer you could download Snapchat’s official app. BlueStacks was one of the most popular and widely used emulators. As far as Snapchat exists for Android, you can install it from the google play store via emulator on your PC. What BlueStacks and other mobile operating system emulators like iPadian does is let you have a fully functioning mobile operating system running on your computer. Well whatsoever, it seems like the Snapchat development team has banned the use of Snapchat on emulators. It might be probably due to the company’s concern about the security and privacy risks that came along with using such emulators, and people using a version that might not work well too.

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