Best Screen Capture Software

Here is the 10 best screen capture software of 2022 that you can try for capturing screenshots of your screen and recording screen capture videos.

Free Cam

This free screen capture software supporting audio is quite helpful in recording your Windows screen. It is easy to download and the interface provided by the software is quite intuitive as well. You can find most of the features very easily accessible. Video recording using Free Cam can even record cursor movements and clicks.


This is one of the most reliable best free screen capture tools available in the market for Windows and Mac users. With a built-in video editor, Screencast-O-Matic also enables you to modify recordings and make them even more attractive and entertaining. As sharing videos on youtube is supported without downloading, many professionals and entertainment fans prefer this software tool. 

Wondershare DemoCreator

With the Windows and Mac platforms that Wondershare DemoCreator works on, it is a lightweight screen recorder software that can capture anything on your PC screen as a high-quality video. Suppose you are an educator or a marketer, in that case, you can use this software to make videos of your screen functions happening and cursor movements to express ideas or share your knowledge or any information regarding working or operating any software.

Snipping Tool

This is a program that can be seen as part of Windows Vista and above version systems. The snipping tool can allow you to take screenshots of user-specific areas by dragging a rectangular box on the area intended to be taken a screenshot of. This free tool lets you take a screenshot within seconds.


You can use Scribe to capture your screen by using step-by-step guides. Being a free chrome extension, Scribe can capture your screen while completing a process, and instantly create a guide by taking highlighted screenshots and writing instructions for it. The tool is widely used to create step-by-step guides for all purposes like job aids, onboarding guides, SOPs, training guides, product documentation, etc.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

As a tool for Windows and Mac platforms, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can capture videos, lectures, music, record games, screencast webcam videos, take snapshots, etc. Through using shortcuts, one can find it easy to use with one-click recording, setting hotkeys to start and stop recording, etc.


By capturing a full-screen window, Greenshot helps you to take a snapshot quickly and easily. It also allows you to take screenshots by scrolling a web page or selecting any specific screen area. The image captured can be saved into many formats for further editing.


TinyTake, developed by MangoApps is a screen capture program that allows users to capture a specific region of a screen as a screenshot or even record a video of the screen processes. The drag and drop facility in TinyTake makes it easier to edit local images and then share further on the web accordingly.


As a simple and convenient screen capture tool, Lightshot allows users to take a screenshot of a selected area. After capturing the screenshot, it lets you edit it and save it in a high-quality format.

Screenshot Captor

This simple screenshot program captures images in full-screen mode, as well as in scrolling windows, and selected areas. It also supports a 999% zooming feature making every single pixel visible. Using minimal resources, Screenshot Captor is easy to use and is a free tool available for Windows.

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