What Is a THEMEPACK File

A Windows theme pack file is a file with the theme pack file extension. They are created by Windows 7 in order to apply similar themed desktop backgrounds, sounds, window colors, cursors, icons, and screensavers. It is pretty much similar to a theme in our devices like computers or mobile phones. 

Opening a theme pack file in Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, is possible with just a double click or double tap of the file. You do not need any other program or any installation utility for the files to run in Windows. However the newer.DESKTHEMEPACK files are not backward compatible with Windows 7. The.DESKTHEMEPACK files can be opened in Windows 11, 10, and 8. The THEMEPACK files can be opened in all other four versions of Windows. 

Any popular compression or decompression program like free 7-Zip can be used to open the contents of THEMEPACK files as Windows uses the CAB format to store the contents of the files. 

Well, this won’t be applying or running anything inside the THEMEPACK files. But it will extract the wallpaper images and other such components that would make up for that theme to be built. 

A theme file that isn’t a Windows theme might be a Comodo theme file which is mostly used with Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antivirus, or a GTK theme index file, which would be used in GNOME. 

If you are planning to use a .THEMEPACK file in your Windows 8 system, there is no need to convert it as it is already compatible with that version of Windows like it is compatible with Windows 7. Still, you might want to convert a .THEMEPACK file to a .THEME file with the free Win7 Theme Converter. By loading the file into the program, you can place a check on Theme output type and then select convert to run the process.

Also by opening the .DESTHEMEPACK file in Windows 7 with a file zip or unzip tool like the 7-Zip program will let you copy out the wallpapers, audio files, and anything you have to want to use.  Also, the background images in the file can be seen stored in the DesktopBackground folder. You can use those images to apply to Windows 7 when you change your Windows wallpaper. By using a free file converter, you can convert your wallpaper images or audio files into a different file format. 

Still, if you are not able to open it, try changing the file format and extension, as THEMEPACK is an unusually long file extension. 

Themes with the THEME file extension that are just plain text files are also stored in Windows. The color and style information of themes is described in these text files that can’t hold any images or sounds. References are taken from these by the THEME files of the items that are stored elsewhere. 

The old .THEMEPACK files in Windows 8 were replaced with the themes that have the.DESKTHEMEPACK extension which is exclusively used by Windows 11. Free THEME and THEMEPACK files can be downloaded directly from Microsoft as well.

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