WhatsApp is Booming Getting Ready to Borrow a Popular iMessage Function


WhatsApp is testing new aspects that allow people to edit their messages after sending them.

According to a new report, WhatsApp is testing unique aspects that will borrow heavily from how iMessage works.

WhatsApp has long been an excellent option for consumers who want to send and receive messages from people who use different platforms. Those using iPhones can communicate with Android phones without dealing with those pesky green bubbles. WhatsApp is now testing a new feature added to iMessage by Apple in September.

Apple iOS 16, iPadOS 1

That aspect is the ability to edit messages after they have been sent, which Apple added to iMessage with the release of Apple iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and Apple macOS 13 Ventura in late 2022.

WhatsApp beta watchers WABetaInfo report that the upgrade beta release, made available to those on the TestFlight beta program, has been adding message editing for the first time. The same aspect was already being tested on Android and the system, but this is the first time the main beta channel has been given access to the part on Apple.

“All edited messages will be noticed with the ‘Edited’ icon within the chat bubble,” the report says. “In addition, WhatsApp will provide consumers up to 10-15 minutes to edit their text messages after being sent to the chat window.”

With these aspects now being beta tested, the public release appears closer than ever. However, when it is available to everyone using the WhatsApp version now available in the App Store has yet to be discovered. Fortunately, WhatsApp is good at moving things out of beta and making them available to everyone.

iMessage and WhatsApp are not the first messaging services to provide the ability to edit a message after sending it. But they’re both hugely popular, and for a great reason. Rolling editable messages out to consumers is a popular move on all platforms.

WhatsApp is constantly updating its messaging platform so that users can communicate and interact with each other on a higher level. The developers are continuously testing and implementing features that could make the messaging platform easier and highly productive. However, WhatsApp has accidentally entered into a rough patch with iMessage from Apple’s iOS 10.

According to AppleApple.top, WhatsApp has been accused of copying a few features from iMessage, a messaging platform by Apple. The parts are said to be copied from the new iMessage app, which will be released with iOS 10 in September. Apple showcased the same features at the WWDC 2016, and the report states that WhatsApp has copied the same.

According to the report, WhatsApp will soon release a feature where users can edit photos, add effects, and draw on them directly from the messenger screen. Apple showcased the same functionality for iMessage on iOS 10. The iMessage allows you to send sketches, flash, heartbeats, and even draw on videos.

However, the report continues that this is not the first WhatsApp has borrowed features from competitors. In a previous incident, WhatsApp was also blamed for copying a part from Telegram.

Telegram head Pavel Durov said, ‘After us, they increased the maximum size of video recordings and the maximum size of groups (although never caught up according to these parameters), added status of prochitannosti, now a kind of encryption. Predict the web version, username, cloud, and timer self-destruct in WhatsApp.’ 

As for now, WhatsApp has been reportedly testing a few new features scheduled to be released soon. Features such as NFC, QR codes, and links for group invitations, video calling, and more are expected soon.

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