Amazon has announced its medication prescription service for their Prime members called RxPass, which lets users buy generic medication for $5 monthly. This is an essential step in continuing its foray into the healthcare industry. 

And that $5 goes a long way with the subscribers; they also won’t be subject to hidden fees, random markups, and free delivery. You can buy all the medication for $5, assuming it’s available through the program. At launch, you’ll have access to over 50 medicines to treat over 80 common health problems, from diabetes to out and even high blood pressure issues. Any more prescriptions you require that aren’t available via RxPass must be bought through Amazon Pharmacy for its regular cost. Amazon Pharmacy will also help the limelight, which medicine can buy through the new service, as a new blue icon of RxPass will appear in medicine descriptions. 


To enroll, the company states Prime members must go through a “simple login process” to verify individual “eligibility and prescription content.” Amazon pharmacists are also available 24/7 to help with refills or “coordinate with your doctor for a smooth setup.” Packages will get “delivered monthly or quarterly” at your doorstep – depending on the prescription. It varies.

It’s also worth noting that the amount of medication you buy influences how long your subscription lasts. Say you purchased a three-month supply of finasteride. In Amazon’s eyes, you just engaged in a three-month subscription to RxPass. Patients can cancel anytime, but the cancellation will go into effect after that time. You can’t cancel after purchasing the subscription after 40 days to save your hardcore money; Amazon won’t let you. So be mindful of how much you want to buy.



As you can imagine, there are some restrictions announced. The service will be available in approximately 42 US states. Other excluded states are California, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Patients in those states must use Amazon Pharmacy to get their medicine. Amazon will also decline people depending on what type of insurance they have. You will be rejected if you’re on Medicare, Medicaid, or government-funded insurance. Both a Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account will be accepted.

Patients can utilize their insurance plan to pay for RxPass, but for an extra $5 monthly on top of a Prime membership, do you want to? Being able to buy all of your prescriptions in one place for such a low price is a heck of a bargain. RxPass could help many people, especially with the current inflation.

We contacted Amazon to ask if there are plans to expand the list of eligible medications, and RxPass excluded eight states. This story will be upgraded if we hear back. 

Amazon has said its online drug store Amazon Pharmacy is a crucial point to care for your health, along with primary care organization One Medical, which the online giant seeks to get for USD 3.9 billion. The Federal Trade Commission is testing and checking the proposed purchase.

In November, the organization also said it would begin providing an Amazon Clinic. This notification service is attached to patients to doctors for about two dozen common disease conditions, such as allergies and hair loss.

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